2nd Annual Brass Convergence at Yerba Buena Gardens Festival by Adam Theis

On May 20th we’ll be putting on the 2nd Annual Brass Convergence at Yerba Buena Gardens Festival. This year, we’re going even bigger, hoping to assemble a 100 piece Brass/Percussion band for our theme of “Protest Brass”, bringing awareness to social change. If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining this ensemble for our epic finale, please contact me adam@jazzmafia.com ! Students, weekend warriors, hobbyists and pros all welcome!

Unite and Disrupt!

From the Archives by Adam Theis

From the Archives: Realistic Orchestra/Shotgun Wedding Quintet live at Jazz Mafia Tuesdays Going back 13 years to our Tuesday night residency, our good friend Mark Rosenberg recorded hundreds of these one of a kind performances and every once in a while he posts some. The quality is good, the playing is inspired and it's fun to time travel to when the Mission District was still dangerous!

Shaina Evoniuk's Prince Tribute by Adam Theis

Well, its been almost a week since his highness became a star in the sky, and Im still having the most difficult time making sense of it. I swear Ive never before mourned the loss of somebody I never even met so heavily. I think I have cried - surprising even myself - every day since last Thursday. Partly out of shock; I was lucky enough to have seen Prince perform in Oakland twice in one week just over a month ago (it looks like those were his 4th and 5th last performances ever). The man was so full of life it was unbelievable. I was moved and inspired beyond imagine. I could barely sleep for a few days I was just vibrating from the experience. I couldn't believe he was in his 50's, as his vocal & instrumental performances were top top notch; how he's squealed and screamed like that for 30+ years Ill never know! Oh yeah, and both shows that week were just him and his piano and were totally different. Unbelievable. Man, HE STILL HAD IT AND IT DIDNT SEEM LIKE IT WAS GOING ANYWHERE.

Prince was truly a revolutionary, in every sense of the word. I've always known his contributions to the world were huge, but it wasn't until his passing that I found out how many friends of mine continued playing, or were inspired to play because of him. My musical community probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. I wish I wish I wish he was still here but his legacy lives forever. That man must have lived 400 years in his mere 57. We have 40+ albums of his music to enjoy forever... maybe more if any of the massive amount of his guarded unreleased music escapes Paisley Park(!).


After having my favorite Prince song "Sometimes It Snows In April" running through my dreams all night long (literally), and all day long (I'd wake up with it stuck in my head, and go to sleep with it still there) for the 3 nights following his passing.... Well, I knew what I had to do. Please enjoy my own personal tribute to one of my all time Heros and a man who changed music and the world forever. He will live on through his music, no doubt. What a mark he left. Thank you Prince. Sometimes there are no words. Thank god for music.

Jazz Mafia Plays with Train by Adam Theis

Well because Im a total dork, the best part for me personally was when Sammy Hagar (Van Halen) busted into our green room, shook my hand introducing himself, and said "man you sound awesome on the violin" (right before he jumped up on stage and absolutely SLAYED "with a little help from my friends" with Pat). Anyway I DIDN'T faint! But Im never washing my hand again. 

The rest of the night was quite magical as well. Train put on this show last minute as a benefit. Amazon live streamed the whole thing, and we really just had a great party! Thanks SF! Thanks TRAIN for having us!