This Dusty Funk band was born on the playa at Burning Man 2010, and is now the biggest live music act at the 60,000 person gathering. With influences from Prince, Parliament Funkadelic, James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Tower of Power, this high energy party band features a fierce lineup of talented vocalists and instrumentalists from the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 

Famed for spicing up, flipping around, dipping down, and turning over your favorite dance tunes and making them their own, at Crossroads’ core is a musical production team that has written many original songs for the band as well. The band has performed at San Francisco Decompression, Ghost Ship Halloween extravaganza, and at corporate parties all over California. They bring the playa and the party to any stage they stand on. Crossroads strongly believes that dancing like nobody’s watching should be a daily public event, and they see it as their responsibility to help!

Currently, Crossroads is composing music for a brand new musical called Reunion of the Bells (written by its own Trance Thompson & Tym Brown), which it will perform live in LA this year at the show's world premiere. Stay tuned!