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adam_conducts Montreal

THANK YOU again to everyone who made a pledge, whether large or small, to help the Jazz Mafia achieve our goals of headlining festivals such as Montreal Jazz Fest, SF Stern Grove Festival, and SummerStage in New York.

So what is next for Jazz Mafia?

We have recently premiered the new Jazz Mafia Symphony, Emperor Norton’s Suite, at Stern Grove Festival in SF and SummerStage in NY! You can find out more about these shows, sign up for updates, and check for upcoming gigs and other updates by visiting

Got Gifts? Shop Local and Support Jazz Mafia!

The Jazz Mafia Fundraising Crew is hoping to inspire you to do some shopping at where we have assembled some very special pricing on great Jazz Mafia merchandise and music packages, with gift ideas for every budget. Everything from music, to swag, to limited edition signed photography is here, so check it out!

We need your support. All proceeds from merchandise sales will support Jazz Mafia as we raise needed funds to replace some unforeseen event costs and pledges that did not materialize.

Need Deductions?

Are you in need of a terrific last minute 2010 tax deduction? You can always make a fully tax deductible donation at This is made possible through our fiscal sponsor, San Jose Jazz, a 501c3 charitable organization.

From the entire Jazz Mafia family
, thank you for supporting us.

This Sunday April 18th marks the one year anniversary of the sold out premiere of Brass, Bows and Beats at the Palace of iIne Arts in San Francisco . As the entire Jazz Mafia mobilizes for our upcoming show at Yoshi’s on April 25th I want to take a moment to reflect on the past year relating to BBB.
As I spent most of 2008-2009 writing the music, collaborating with vocalists for Brass, Bows and Beats, it was unclear what the project was going to sound like and what kind of an impact it would have. After the first few rehearsals we all knew that we had something magical but still, we were faced with an ominous logistical undertaking and and even more challenging business model, since our band has about 45 people more than most. Much to our surprise, at the premiere, the music, the incredible commitment from the musicians and the support and response from the community far surpassed our wildest expectations and has propelled BBB into the national limelight. What we all thought was going to be a once in a lifetime event has turned into a way of life! Everyday dozens of us are spending hours and hours on the phone, in meetings, sending stage plots, scheduling rehearsals and most importantly booking more dates for BBB around the Continent!
In addition to the support from our listeners we’ve also gotten creative and thrown a series of fundraisers around the Bay Area to cover many of the astronomical costs involved with taking a 45-piece band on the road and we’ve raised over $20,000 so far! The success of BBB is already starting to help the other Jazz Mafia projects with major U.S. festivals also booking Shotgun Wedding Quintet/Symphony and Joe Bagale along with East Coast Tours for SWQ/Bagale/Supertaster/Spaceheater’s Blast Furnace this summer. With over 12 confirmed BBB dates this summer at many of the best festivals and many more in the works I have a feeling that by the end of this year we’ll have come a lot closer to our first and foremost goal which is to put San Francisco music back on the world wide map!
We’re also extremely excited to be collaborating on upcoming shows with Qbert (World renowned scratch DJ) Charli 2na (Jurrasic 5) and our previous guest artist Lyrics Born. Many other guest artists are in the works so please stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted!
Thank you for your continued support of Jazz Mafia and Brass, Bows and Beats….we hope to see you at the BBB show at Yoshi’s on April 25!


Donate Any Amount

Please help by donating online via PayPal. Purchasing Jazz Mafia album packages also helps.

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