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Free Download: Jazz Mafia 12-Year Anniversary Compilation

Featuring Jazz Mafia Symphony, Shotgun Wedding Quintet, Joe Bagale, Realistic Orchestra, Adam Theis, Brass Mafia, & many more

Jazz Mafia 12-Year Anniversary Compilation: Tracklisting

1. All Reet (Shotgun Wedding Quintet)
2. Rocking Ya
(Brass Mafia)
3. Lady J (Joe Bagale)
4. This Flight Tonight (Adam Theis w/ Aima The Dreamer, Erica Dee)
5. The Captain Goes Down with the Ship feat. Dublin
(Realistic Orchestra)
6. 6th Street Hotel
(Shotgun Wedding Quintet)
7. Kankles
8. No Debating (Dublin)
9. Dissolve the Congress
(Jazz Mafia Symphony)
10. Set One Jam feat. Rasaki
(Realistic Orchestra)
11. Frank Bullit feat. Teeko
(Shotgun Wedding Quintet)
12. Slumlord Live at the Mezzanine 11/10/12 (Subharmonic)

Free Download: Jazz Mafia Horns 12-Year Anniversary Mixtape

Featuring collaborations with Lyrics Born, Zion I, Headnodic & many more

Jazz Mafia Horns 12-Year Anniversary Mixtape: Tracklisting

1. Beautiful Ugly (Raashan Ahmad feat. Adam Theis)
2. Mr. Incomplete
3. Digital Dirt feat. Jazz Mafia Horns (The Grouch & Zion I)
4. Coulda Woulda Shoulda (Lyrics Born w/ Jazz Mafia)
5. Type of Girl feat. The Mamaz (Aima) (J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science w/ Jazz Mafia Horns)
6. Rockit Man (Adam Theis Horn Re-edit) (Zion I & The Grouch)
7. Where Would You Be (Myka 9 with Adam Theis and Joe Cohen) (Mykology)
8. Push On (Push Up) w/ Adam Theis
(Grouch & Eligh)
9. El Ritmo feat. Deuce Eclipse & Caipo of Bang Data (J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science w/ Jazz Mafia Horns)
10. Nonfiction feat. Jazz Mafia Horns (Felonious)
11. Radicalz (NewFuture Remix)
(Amp Live and The Jazz Mafia)
12. Coming Thru feat. Chali 2na (Jazz Mafia Symphony)

Free Download: Jazz Mafia 10-Year Anniversary Compilation

Featuring new tracks from The Shotgun Wedding Quintet, Jazz Mafia Symphony, Brass Mafia, Adam Theis, Joe Bagale, & The Evan Francis Group

Jazz Mafia 10-Year Compilation: Tracklisting

1. Love Riot (Jazz Mafia Symphony)
2. Vertigo (The Shotgun Wedding Quintet)
3. SR75 feat. MNO (Realistic Orchestra)
4. Self Absorbed (Dublin)
5. Not Standard (Brass Mafia)
6. River Train (Crystal Monee Hall)
7. Numbers Game (The Shotgun Wedding Quintet)
8. You ft. Adam Theis (Joe Bagale)
9. Lonely Staircase (Evan Francis Group)
10. Can’t Get Enough feat. Realistic Orchestra
(The Shotgun Wedding Quintet)
11. At My Window
(Brass, Bows & Beats)
12. All Tomorrow’s Parties feat. Crystal Monee Hall
(Adam Theis & Jazz Mafia Strings)


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