Forged in the fires of Bay Area hip-hop, rapper/songwriter Dublin combines the live elements of an MC with the range of a vaudeville performer. Known throughout the west coast as the front man for The Shotgun Wedding Quintet, Dublin has been a crowd favorite from open mic battles to live extravaganzas. He is currently performing new material from upcoming projects at venues up and down the west coast and beyond.
Where’d he come from??
Dublin first started gaining notoriety through his remarkable free-styling abilities. While performing with the San Francisco band, Cannonball, Dublin was known for his remarkable ability to spontaneously rap on current event issues based on headlines from that day’s newspapers and suggestions from the audience, while incorporating a finely tuned sense of ironic humor, rife with pertinent pop-cultural commentary. It was from this notoriety that he went on to participate in rap battles throughout the Bay Area. After going head to head with some of the world’s finest emcees, Dublin was announced the 2006 San Francisco Battle Champion.
All through this period Dublin was writing & performing with the acclaimed hip-hop/jazz outfit, The Shotgun Wedding Quintet. The band traveled up and down the west coast and released their highly awaited self-titled debut album to much fan fare and critical acclaim. While working with Shotgun, Dublin also branched out and recorded with other Jazz Mafia groups like Realistic Orchestra and Brass Mafia, as well as working with Adam Theis on the epic Jazz Mafia symphony Brass, Bows and Beats.
In 2007, Dublin began to work with producer Elon. With Elon composing and creating the beats and Dublin writing and conceptualizing the lyrics, the duo created a project based entirely around the fictional town of Redlake with Dublin stretching the limit of his vocal abilities by portraying the inhabitants and all their stories. Near the completion of the album to be known as Redlake USA, both vocalist and producer concluded the album was both too “dark” and “heady” to be the premier release of their collaboration and production company, Underbelly Inc. So they put Redlake to the side for later release and went to work on the more accessible and traditionally hip-hop rooted “Ease the Pain” which is being released on Jazz Mafia Recordings in October 2009.
What now??
With the release of “Ease the Pain” Dublin is embarking on another journey of his career that involves a more concentrated strain of his vision as well as a continued effort to collaborate and reach out to a larger audience. In 2009 he organized and created The Hip-Hop Medicine Band, an all-acoustic ensemble that backs him up and includes Dublin himself on violin. The Medicine band was created with the hope to go in a more stripped down and raw direction that will appeal to fans of bluegrass and other traditional forms of American music that don’t usually find themselves appreciating hip-hop. Dublin continues to work with and front The Shotgun Wedding Quintet as well as travel solo and perform live the way his favorite artists did before him: two turntables and a microphone.


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