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Jazz Mafia’s Heaviest Feather (HF) formed in 2017, performing that very summer at high profile festivals including Oregon Eclipse/Symbiosis. The air tight eight-piece band brings together the Bay Area’s brightest rising stars alongside its most seasoned professionals. HF regularly presents fully customized shows featuring original and new music, and a who’s who of Bay Area vocalists, from all genres. HF also serves as the house band for the bi-monthly Sunday Skool series, a collaboration with esteemed circus-arts posse Vau De Vire Society.

The distinct sound of HF is rooted in its five brass instruments, mixing those organic sounds with heavy EDM, hip hop, rock and world music. Soulful vocals are often added on top, and it all comes together to create something fresh, eclectic, and genre-defying. Each member of HV is an established and innovative writer/arranger, and each voice fuels the eclectic diversity that shines through in a typical HF set. Keeping up with who’s playing what instrument at any given time can be a dizzying experience, as many of the members bounce between two to four instruments in a set, as well as singing lead vocals.

Heaviest Feather recently premiered its “Tribute to the Ladies of Hip Hop” in January of 2018 in Jazz Mafia’s monthly Live Mixtape series. The two-hour live show features five deadly female lyricists performing HV’s arrangements of their original music, as well as non-stop medleys and mash-ups of dozens of classic hip hop jams from the female lexicon.