Adam Theis & NOT a Brass Band are one of the newest offshoots of the genre-bending 17 year running Jazz Mafia collective. This group was formed by five musicians who’ve had extensive experience playing in New Orleans style Brass groups, and together wanted to take the instrumentation into new and unexplored territories. 

Many of these new compositions use fresh rhythmic feels from Rock and Electronic Dance Music combined with melodies, harmony, and phrasing more common to Chamber, Jazz and World musics.

Of course, there’s still a hint of New Orleans 2nd line lingering beneath the surface that occasionally materializes for a wild horn romp. Dynamics range from so soft you can hear a pin drop to “maybe I’ll need my earplugs if this gets any louder!”... but generally occupies a very comfortable acoustic space that most Brass bands only approach at their “softest” moments.