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Undercover Presents a Tribute to Miles Davis

Side 1 - Broun Fellinis
Side 2 - Pc Muñoz
Side 3 - Kev Choice Ensemble
Side 4 - Alligator Spacewalk

Though it was not his first foray into electric fusion, Miles Davis’ 1970 album Bitches Brew hit the jazz world like a bolt of lightning. The revolutionary rock-influenced sound, electric instrumentation, and production techniques (including tape-splicing and looping) were both groundbreaking and immensely controversial. Selling over half a million copies, it was undoubtedly a phenomenon, sparking an age of experimentation in jazz. The fearless spirit of Davis’ work drives daring new interpretations by Broun Fellinis, PC Muñoz, Kev Choice, and Alligator Spacewalk. Each group will re-imagine one side of the double-disk album.
The Summer Series
Over four nights this Summer at SFJAZZ, UnderCover Presents pays tribute to two legendary artists, one landmark album, and a seminal studio band. Each unique night, showcases 4 different Bay Area ensembles as they present bold reinterpretations of this iconic music.

Later Event: August 19
Oregon Eclipse